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How to get to Velké Březno



By car: Cross a bridge in Ústí nad Labem to the Střekov side of the river Labe, take 8 kilometers towards Děčín.; if you are going from Děčín take the right bank of the river Labe and go via the village of Malé Březno.

By coach: Take the coaches from Ústí nad Labem either to Děčín (through Velké Březno), Úštěk or Suletice (Leština)

By bus: Take a bus number 13 from Ústí nad Labem to Olešnice, than walk down towards Velké Březno, at a gas station turn right onto a dirt road, cross the stram and folow the path round a forest and to the chateaux. The distance is 4 kilometers.

By train: Take a train from Ústí nad Labem Střekov or Děčín into Velké Březno station or into Neštědice station but then you have to take a ferry across the river Labe.


Free private car parking is at the entrance to the castle along the fencing of the park. Please do not pass the main gate.

You can reach the bus to the gate where visitors can get off; then you can park the bus in the village, at three places about 150 and 300 m away.


Interiors of the chateaux in Velké Březno Chateau are not barrier-free.


Entrance with animals into the interiors of chateux Velké Březno is not allowed. The brewed pet animals, under the constant supervision of the owner and on the leash, are welcome in the chateaux park.


The Velké Březno Chateau is located close to the international cycling trail from Prague to Dresden. We have basic tools in the office and monitored bike stand.

Child facilities

There is no changing table on WC.


Cafe in the area of chateaux.